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Logo from the Epilepsy Foundation
Logo from NLU
Logo from the Capital Region Chamber
Logo from the the 40 under 40
Logo from the OLC

2023                           Fellow Class of 2023

                                   Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Fellows

2023                           Inaugural Fellow Class of 2023
                                 P3 EDU

2022                           Best-in-Track Award (We Hyflexed and Here’s What                                                       Happened)

                                   Online Learning Consortium (OLC)

2020                           Effective Practice Award (Undergraduate College Online)

                                   Online Learning Consortium, MA

2019                           Bruce N. Chaloux Scholarship for Early Career Excellence                                             Online Learning Consortium, MA

2018                           Participant in the Institute for Emerging Leaders in Online                                           Learning program of the Online Learning Consortium (OLC)

2018                           Sara Stubblefield National Advocacy Award
Epilepsy Foundation of America, Washington DC                         

2016                           Elizabeth "Lizzie" Award For Service

                                    National Louis University, IL

2005                           40 under Forty

                                    Albany Business Journal, Albany, NY


2004                            Outstanding Chapter President

                                    Alliance of Technology and Women, Dallas, TX


2004                            Woman of Excellence

                                    Albany-Colonie Chamber of Commerce, Albany, NY

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