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Dr. Bouchey, an energetic and engaging speaker has had the opportunity to speak on topics related to online education, artificial intelligence, and leadership.   

Among her efforts: 

  • Bouchey, B. (March, 2024).  Keynote: The Promise (?) of AI In Teaching.  University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Health Sciences Faculty Conference.

  • Bouchey, B. (February, 2024).  Keynote: AI: Beyond The Classroom For Institutional Betterment.  Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC) Technologies Executive Committee Briefing.

  • Bouchey, B., & Reeves, E. (October, 2023).  Podcast Guest: A.I. In Higher Education: How Artificial Intelligence Is Impacting College-Level Learning.  The Babb Group.

  • Bouchey, B., Cavanaugh, T., & Ali, A. (July, 2023).  General Session Panelist: Promising or Pernicious: AI in Higher Education.  Distance Teaching & Learning Conference (DT&L) and UPCEA’s Summit for Online Leadership & Administration + Roundtable (SOLA+R).

  • Dowden, L., & Bouchey, B. (July, 2023).  Panelist: The Secret Sauce: Chief Online Learning Officers Share the Recipe.  Distance Teaching & Learning Conference (DT&L) and UPCEA’s Summit for Online Leadership & Administration + Roundtable (SOLA+R).

  • Dede, C., Watkins, R., Shaalan, M., & Bouchey, B. (June, 2023).  Panelist: Applications for AI in Higher Education STEM fields.  Harrisburg University of Science & Technology. 

  • Bouchey, B. (May, 2023).  Keynote Speaker: The Promise (?) of AI in Higher Education.  D2L Day–Madison, WI.

  • Bouchey, B., Vito, M., Davis. V. (May, 2023).  Panelist: AI in Higher Ed: Opportunities and Threats.  Online Learning Consortium Webinar. 

  • Coates, C., Giner, R., & Bouchey, B. (May, 2023).  Panelist: How do you effectively measure and support quality online degrees? Digital Universities US hosted by Times Higher Ed and Inside Higher Education.

  • Lederman, D., Bouchey, B., Finch, M., & Collier, A. (May, 2023).  Panelist: Small but mighty: How small colleges and universities are embracing digital transformation.  Digital Universities US hosted by Times Higher Ed and Inside Higher Education.

  • Bouchey, B. (April 2023).  Podcast Guest: Episode 136: Online higher ed: Finding ourselves in other people’s stories.  TOPcast: Teaching Online Podcast hosted by University of Central Florida [podcast].

  • Benson, K., Johnston, J., Coleman, Dawn, Jewel, L., Langendorfer, A., Sasso, R., McComas, S., Nash, J., & Bouchey, B. (March, 2023). Panelist:  AI Tools in Higher Education and College Writing: Challenges and Opportunities.  University of Tennessee, Knoxville Innovative Teaching & Learning Conference.

  • Bouchey, B., Aumann, A., (March, 2023).  Podcast Guest: How ChatGPT Could Change Higher Ed, with Dr. Antony Aumann and Dr. Bettyjo Bouchey.  D2L Teach & Learn: A podcast for curious educators.  

  • Bouchey, B. (March, 2023).  Speaker: Following the data: How to support online students through data-informed action.  SUNY Online Summit.  

  • Bouchey, B., Carson, M., Dalal, A., Hinshaw, S., & Sparkman, J. (February, 2023).  Panelist: New Markets to Boost Enrollment.  InsideHigherEd.

  • Bouchey, B. (February, 2023).  Keynote Speaker: Pathways of intersection between Artificial Intelligence and Higher Education: A Conversation with Dr. Bettyjo Bouchey.  University of Texas, San Antonio.

  • Bouchey, B., Gratz, E., & Kurland, S. (November, 2022). Moderator: From Grassroots to the Highly-Orchestrated: Online Leaders Share Their Stories of the Evolving Online Organizational Landscape in Higher Education.  Online Learning Consortium Innovate Conference.

  • Bouchey, B., Gratz, E., & Kurland, S. (October, 2022). Moderator: Online Leaders Share Their Stories.  Online Learning Consortium Webinar Series.

  • Bouchey, B., Gratz, E., & Kurland, S. (September, 2022).  Panelist: Publishing with OLC Press: What to know.  Online Learning Consortium Webinar Series.

  • Bouchey, B, & Levy, J. (July, 2022).  Speaker: Hyflex Highlights.  Best-in-Track Online Learning Consortium Innovate Conference Webinar Series.

  • Bouchey, B. (April, 2022).  Speaker: Modality Reinvention at National Louis University.  Council for Chief Online Officers Roundtable, UPCEA—Summit for Online Leadership and Administration + Roundtable.

  • Bouchey, B. (October, 2021).  Podcast Guest: Notes from The Top: A Dean's View of Online Learning.  Intentional Design by iDesign.

  • Bouchey, B., Vivolo, J., & Bunkowski, L. (September, 2021).  Podcast Guest: You Don't Have to Be an Expert: A Conversation about Teaching with Canvas.  Teaching in the CTEI, Rush University.

  • Major, A., Heyman, E., & Bouchey, B. (September, 2021).  Panelist: Career Stories.  Institute for Emerging Leaders in Online Learning (IELOL) Master Class.  Online Learning Consortium—Accelerate Conference.

  • Bouchey, B. (June, 2021).  Speaker: Planning for the Future: Hyflex Lessons.  Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education.

  • Bouchey, B. (May, 2021).  Panelist: The WFH Experience – Views and Tips from a Working Mom, Team Leader and Employee.  D2L-Brightspace Women in Leadership Forum (online). 

  • Bouchey, B. (March, 2021).  Panelist: OLC Today!: Lessons Retained from COVID-19.  Online Learning Consortium—Innovate Conference (online).  

  • Bouchey, B. (February, 2021).  Keynote Speaker: Online Student Engagement: Be Human, Be Prepared, Be Adaptable.  Annual Faculty Development Conference—Farmingdale State College. 

  • Bouchey, B. (February, 2021).  Panelist: SOLA+R 2021 Roundtable: The Way Forward: Post-Pandemic Online Operations.  UPCEA--Summit for Online Leadership and Administration + Roundtable. 

  • Bouchey, B., & Rettler-Pagel, T. (January, 2021).   Panelist: Strategies to Improve [Online Student] Retention.  Online Institute with Online Learning Consortium and Higher Learning Commission. 

  • Bouchey, B. (November, 2020).  Speaker: Active Learning in a Synchronous Online Environment.  Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education. 

  • Knott, J. (Producer). (November, 2020).  Podcast Guest: Dr. Bettyjo Bouchey: “Designed for Adaptation.”.

  • Deyamport, W. (Producer).  (September, 2020).  Podcast Guest: Dr. Bettyjo Bouchey (@DRbouchey) - Online Isn't Inferior to F2F.

  • Bouchey, B. (August, 2020).  Panelist: Women in Leadership Panel: Finding Your Voice.  D2L Fusion Conference.

  • Restauri, S. & Bouchey, B. (April, 2020).  Speaker: Accessibility in Remote Teaching (virtual salon).  Online Learning Consortium—IDEATE Conference.

  • ​Bouchey, B. (March, 2020).  Speaker: Keeping Students Engaged in a Transition to Online Learning.  Online Learning Consortium—Academic Continuity Series. 

  • Bouchey, B. (March, 2020). Panelist: Higher Education Remote Teaching: Questions, Suggestions, & Resources on Teaching During COVID-19. Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education. 

  • ​Bouchey, B. (February, 2020).  Speaker: Innovative teaching using evidence-based instructional strategies & reflective practice. Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education. 

  • ​Bouchey, B., & Reichard, S. (June, 2018).  Panelist: Engaging student feedback in the online classroom.  American College of Education Faculty Roundtable Water Cooler Chat.

  • ​Bouchey, B. (May, 2017). Keynote Speaker: Breathing life into your online case study. KUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Faculty Summer Institute. Champaign, IL.

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